Outlines of Debt Collection in Europe
This book is a collection of more than 30 questionnaires from various European countries providing information on the legal bases of judicial and extrajudicial debt recovery in the respective country. These countries comprise not only the EU member states whose systems are largely unified, but also Turkey, Russia and Serbia.

Creditmanagement – Securities in Europe
This book has also been prepared by the colleagues of EuroCollectNet who submitted answers to a set questionnaire. It gives an overview of more than 30 European countries regarding the forms of securities that are basically possible and the special requirements for each country.

Insolvency – European Rules
This book was published in 2021 and contains answers to the most important questions on insolvency law in various European countries, again in the form of questionnaires. The topics covered range from the opening of insolvency to the contesting of payments in insolvency proceedings.

Money Laundering – Compliance for Goods Dealers
Olaf Bausch and Dr. Voller have written a guide for traders of goods as defined by the Money Laundering Act, which explains their obligations under this act. The book was published in its second edition early in 2021. Every goods dealer within the European Union is affected by these rules and severe sanctions may be imposed in case of non-compliance. 

International Execution against Judgment Debtors
published by Thomson-Reuters. This compilation describes the legal bases under which foreign judgments and arbitral awards are recognised and enforced in more than 75 countries. Dr. Voller is the author of the German section of the book, to which he has been contributing since 2002. 

Minor Publications

NACM Business Credit, July/August 2015 (Late Payment Directive, etc.)
(with Michael Mölling)
NACM Business Credit, July/August 2017 (Best chances for exporters to Europe to get paid under European jurisdiction)
(with Paul de Drée)
NACM Business Credit, May 2018 (Prevention of Money Laundering)
(with Matthew Wales)